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Image by Angela Bailey


I’ve always said the reason I went into real estate as an interior designer 10 years ago was because I love houses, period. The quaint ones, the modern ones, the charming ones, and if I’m being completely honest, there's a special place in my heart reserved for the rundown ones. I have an annoyingly infectious enthusiasm for design, inspiration and transformation, and I love dreaming into that with people. I'm infatuated with each property for what they are - I see possibilities everywhere. My magical thinking allows me to believe that every home has the potential to be a dream home for someone; it just needs the right creative approach. Over the past 10 years in real estate, my passion for the work has naturally progressed from an obsessive love affair with houses and interior design into a deep respect for the industry, for my colleagues in the field, and for the very nuanced process of transacting a sale. For the past two years, I have had the opportunity to take my real estate career to the next level by going into a leadership role as the Sales Manager at Compass East Bay, supervising over 450 local Agents. I quickly developed a new passion for helping other Agents, guiding them to authentically build their businesses, to brand and position their listings, and to think outside the box with their buyers. I helped resolve a wide range of challenges with their clients, contracts, transaction-related issues, risk management, and unfortunately lawsuits. I poured over the housing and financial markets, tracking real-time data, analyzing, deciphering, and reporting on it to my Agents. I was as a steady, calm, and knowledgeable partner in navigating those risks, problems, and issues in one of the most challenging markets we've seen in decades. And that is what I’m taking back with me into the field as an Agent once again: a unique combination of experiences as a Realtor®, industry leader, and fanatical house-lover. Whether I’m working with you as a buyer considering the biggest financial investment of your lifetime, or if I’m helping you as a seller through the process of letting go of memories you’ve made, I am your steady, calm, and knowledgeable partner, and we will navigate the triumphs and tribulations each step of the way together.

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